Upcoming Projects

We are working to create two shows currently.

This is a sample from the upcoming ArtSounds project with Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes.

We will also be playing at the Johnson County Library, where we will be recreating our zoo piece to come alive in that space.


More about our upcoming show!

For Anomalous City we have endeavored to create a multi layered sonic environment which the audience will travel through at their leisure.  If you come to the Anomalous City performance this Tuesday you will be treated to over an hour and a half of other previously composed music that we have stitched together into a seamless whole.  There will be peaks and valleys of activity and density, with the overall aim of bringing the audience on a journey through unfamiliar sonic territories and back again.  Two of the highlights of the evening will be Our Trip to The Kansas City Zoo as well as the reimagining of Analog Drift

Since our premiere performance of this evening was delayed due to inclement weather we changed our way of thinking about what we could accomplish with what we had planned.  The performance at White Hall served to be a test laboratory for our ideas about separate spaces and time unfolding as a seamless whole. Because we couldn’t ask the audience to be in motion for our performance we instead used White Hall as a test for whether or not the recorded environment was sufficient by itself or if we needed to add movement into the sonic field.  The outcome of our experiment was that yes indeed we do need to build front to back and left to right movement of the pre-recorded sounds to our piece when we perform at Prairie Logic this coming August 25th.

Our original idea was to take a walk through the Kansas City Zoo and record all of the locations and animals encountered along the way.  During our first trip two of us (Michael and Ted) were tasked with taking location recordings of different animals in their habitats, while a third (Russell) was tasked with recording the whole time as he walked from one animal to the next.  Eli then took these source recordings and performed her Eli-tronic manipulations to arrive at the ultimate form of the piece.  In our proposal we wanted to bring anomalous sounds into the listening environment, sounds that didn’t fit what the audience thought they were supposed to be hearing.  By bringing the sounds of wild animals (which aren’t native to the prairie) into the prairie we are creating a palimpsest of different locations in both time and space for our audience to discover.   

For our performance the audience will be encouraged to move about the Prairie Logic space of their own accord, adding their own third layer of time and space to the environment we have already constructed.  In addition to the audience being able to choose their own path, Africa and Australia will trade places over the course of the performance, eventually swapping locations entirely through the cunning use of panning and stereo manipulation.  Think of it like this, Africa will start hard left in panning and eventually migrate to hard right by the end of the piece, while Australia completes it’s course in vice versa, right to left.

In Mnemosyne we are always thinking about the possibilities for letting music occur out of the natural sonic environment we find ourselves in during the day to day course of our lives.  

Anomalous City– Rescheduled! August 25th!

Here’s our most recent Press Release:

The Mnemosyne Quartet and Zach Shemon present Anomalous City. This project plays on the observers’ perceptions and their ability to cope with unforeseen environments within their own set of expectations. Anomalous City will transport the sounds of the natural environment into the urban landscape of Prairie Logic, as well as exaggerate sounds already present in the park. The introduced environments will range from remote landscapes–such as the African jungle or Australian Outback –to an augmented reality of the urban landscape, and then to a future where an artificially intelligent being becomes active, adding to the sound of the digitally driven modulated environment, engaging the observers’ imaginations with it’s foreign and unique sound. Anomalous City will feature music composed by members of Mnemosyne Quartet as well as Dr. Mara Gibson.

Read More: www.downtownkc.org/portfolio-item/mnemosyne-quartet-and-zach-shemon-june-16th-prairie-logic/